DV Trading is a dynamic company. We are forward looking and quickly let go of past successes and failures. Our offices have no dress code or pretense other than the expectation of bringing your best effort and ideas each day. This attitude empowers our personnel to focus on what matters most – building meaningful value for themselves and the entire organization.

DV is a meritocratic company that encourages innovation, new ideas, and quickly adapting to new markets and opportunities.

Though we’ve been around for 15 years and have the balance sheet of an established player, the entrepreneurial excitement of a start-up is our ethos.

The workplace is energetic, fast paced, and expecting of performance, yet it is laid back and doesn’t require undue formality.

Ownership and senior management are highly approachable, and we strive to have a relatively flat organizational structure.

We value free thought, transparency, mutual respect among colleagues, compliance with our regulators, and good old fashioned hard work.

While other firms have solely focused on becoming a technology company building out IP, we see technology as a tool for our traders, not as a replacement for them.

Our philosophy is to provide the best environment we can (within reason) to enable our traders to be successful. This includes trading tools, software, market access, back-office support & location.

We embrace new growth opportunities. DV has the flexibility and capital to seize opportunities in markets around the world.

We’re forward looking and quick to let go of past successes and failures. We embrace change and see value where others don’t.

“DV provides me the ability to collaborate with other motivated and talented individuals to create solutions to problems that provide meaningful value to the organization.”

Wei W. - Software Engineer
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